About Me

Hi all,

Let me introduce myself to you in a few words.

My name is Jean-Jacques Medastin. I am originally from Haiti. I am married to the gorgeous Linda Medastin and we have 2 adult children, Daitza E. Medastin and Fabrice Medastin both born in Elizabeth, NJ. I started college in NJ in 1989 as a computer science major and switched to biology with the intent to go to medical school on the advice of my department head who suddenly became skeptical about the computer field upon hearing that IBM had just laid off 20,000 people worldwide in a short period of time. I quickly realized after graduating with a bachelor in Biology that the Medical field was not for me but I did not know what to do. After working as an environmental chemist for two years, I finally decided to go back to school for graduate studies and I found the perfect program at AIU where a master's degree in information Technology was being offered. I enrolled immediately and earned my Master of Information Technology degree at American Intercontinental University in 1998. Since then I have been very active in the IT field, especially in the area of Web Development. I have worked as an IT consultant for a number of years while serving as a full time assistant professor of Information Technology at Clayton State University in Georgia where I resided between 1997 and 2013. I have also taught at several other colleges around the Atlanta area over the years. I enjoy teaching more than anything else and I intend to continue to teach for as long as I live. I completed my PhD in Educational Technology in 2016. Since August 2013 I have accepted a position at Central State University in Wilberforce, OH to serve as director of Online Learning.

I hope the lines above have given you an idea of who I am but I will be glad to tell you more if you so desire.

I look forward to getting to hearing from you all


Jean-Jacques Medastin, PhD