My Consulting Experience!

How I work

A Part of the Team
Although I will become the point man for your project, ego has no place at the table.
Whether I'm wearing a hardhat on the factory floor or a suit in the conference room, I believe
in treating every member of the team with respect. After all, being a prima donna makes it
harder to get work done, and my only goal is to solve your problems.
When you hire me you also benefit from a network of top level professionals, from
hardware specialists to graphic designers. If there is ever a need to bring more people on
board, I always know just the person to call.

A History of Success
A broad skill set allows me to take a holistic approach, managing every aspect of a
complex project. When a problem arises, I guide software developers in
creating new solutions and train employees to use them. Being there at each step of the process
guarantees that your clients don't notice anything more than tyour company's improved

Always Discreet
I understand that information is a competitive edge and I take your intellectual property
rights seriously. I will happily sign an NDA if asked. In such cases, not only will your projects
stay off my website, I won't discuss them with colleagues, friends, family, no one. Your privacy
matters to me.

On-Call Worldwide
Although I primarily work in the US, particularly in the state of Georgia, I am willing to travel anywhere my help is neecded.

My recent projects have centered on Web development for eLearning content but, but I will take any job that provides an interesting challenge.

I don't work with every client who comes along, but when I find a good match I like to
maintain a good business relationship. The majority of my business comes from repeat
customers who bring me in during those do-or-die periods when everything has to go right. For example. a few years ago, a student of mine was so happy with what she was learning in my class that she referred me to her boss for a 10-week consulting contract to train their engineers to use Visual Basic programming to automate their systems.

If you want to hear more about my consulting style, I would be happy to put you in
touch with some of my regular clients.